Example Of Parameters

Example Of Parameters

Advanced 2-Step tab

1. Advanced 2-Step tab
The tabs let you choose which parameters are currently being viewed.

Live Status

2. Live Status
On many of our parameters you'll find a live tuning status indicator. When red the parameter is not live. When green it is live and can be changed in real-time.

Basic 2-Step

3. Basic 2-Step
This is an example of RPM settings. These settings are reflective of, and change with, the low cam rev limiter settings.


4. Anti-lag
This is an example of a feature that need to be enabled. When enabled and active (On 2-Step) this will add the entered amount of fuel and add/subtract the entered amount of ignition timing. Anti-lag can be used to build boost while on the 2-Step.

Adjustable 2-Step

5. Adjustable 2-Step
This is an example of multiple settings with an engagement window. When enabled this feature will only be active above the set RPM, below the max speed, and after you cross the throttle engagement threshold of 60%. Once active it will disengage after you've crossed the throttle disengagement threshold of 20% and reset itself.