Limitations / Thresholds

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Limitations / Thresholds

Post by tallo »

Just a mild inquiry about the tunes.

Driving around with stage 1, 2 feels much more like it should have been from factory. IE not like overboosted or cheapened.

Thank you for this quality product.

Obviously there is a risk involved with tuning for more TQ/HP.

Can KT identify any particular reasons acura may have wanted to provide less power?

When developing your tunes, what if any insight can you give about limitations encountered ? How would these contribute to "Stage 1" "Stage 2"?

Would you weigh in on how additional tuning IE "Stage 3" would push limits unsafely or thoughts on mitigating risk?
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Re: Limitations / Thresholds

Post by KTuner »

They try to keep torque flat from the factory whereas we're taking advantage of the turbo's efficiency range without pushing too hard. We put 45K miles on our test RDX with stage 2. It's still out there somewhere. There aren't limitations we've run into. Both tunes are still conservative.

Custom tuning will always be tailored to your setup, fuel, and location. There is room left for more power.
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