2021 RDX Stage 2 Tune

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2021 RDX Stage 2 Tune

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I just got the stage 2 tune installed on my RDX. I love the extra torque and HP. IT really changes the complexion of the engine responsiveness.
My question is how do the following settings work in conjunction the tune.

- If I am in Drive and Comfort mode and I press the D/S button to go into sport or sport+ and how does the Tune react?
- Do I always have to go to Sport+ mode on the dial to get max boost from the tune? OR will the D/S button do that.

Call me lazy but I'd love for the D/S button to go from civil to crazy! lol! The dial selection kinda sucks.

Thanks for your help!!
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Re: 2021 RDX Stage 2 Tune

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Glad you're enjoying it so far!

All background changes normally made with the mode selections still go into effect. It does not adjust final boost targets, etc, by changing selection.
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