Fuel adjustment in park

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Fuel adjustment in park

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I know there is a AFM table that I’ve used for when I installed larger injectors, I have a 2010 i4 accord auto so the sizing option is not available. I am asking if there is any way to adjust the fuel when the car is parked/in idle? The reason is because when it idles too long the ecu throws a bank 1 too rich code. I have adjusted the AFM table and it runs perfectly when driving, at first I thought I could fix this issue when the AFM table, but after many tries I’m not so sure. Does the AFM table effect this when in park? Or only when driving etc?

TLDR: Is there a place to adjust fuel when the vehicle is in park? Or does the AFM table effect this?
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Re: Fuel adjustment in park

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There's only one AFM table. If you're throwing a too rich code you have to be pretty far off on the fuel trims.
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