Ktuner wont connect

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Ktuner wont connect

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Atfer download the new v. i cant connect to my car. So i use 3 laptop one is my tuner laptop and two is mine. The one on my tuner has work but the two i have dont work. it wont connect. Everytime i try to update it say "it appears communicating with the server has failed. Check that you have an internet connection and that there are no security applications that would prevent a connection from occuring." And i did check, i do have internet and i did try it with out need security for my wifi. But still cant update to connect to my car need help plz.
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Re: Ktuner wont connect

Post by KTuner » is the latest version, so I have no idea where you got 7.2 from. You need to launch the software with internet in order to log into your account.
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