popping exhaust sound

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popping exhaust sound

Post by ehatem »

since i tuned the car (acura tl 09) i lost a lot of the popping sound from my exhaust. can i add that back in the tune somewhere? thank you
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Re: popping exhaust sound

Post by KTuner »

You have control over fuel cut and other items. Fuel cut delay may be what you're looking for, but I don't believe we changed that in the tune.
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Re: popping exhaust sound

Post by Mada51589 »

Hey ehatem, One thing that did change in the tunes: Factory Base -> Ktuner pre-made “tune 1”, was the WOT fueling table. On low load, the 11.8s that are in the 3-4700rpm range were changed to 12.8, and similar changes, 11.8 -> 12.8, were made in the high load table. Less fuel = less chance of back firing/second hand combustion.

This would probably only be a factor when you let off the gas while in that range (WOT + RPMs), but I don’t know for sure. I’m just noting a fuel change that I’ve found in the two tunes.

Is your TL FWD or SHAWD?
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