08 turbo Knock control

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08 turbo Knock control

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I've been having what seems like phantom knock issues with my setup, I get increasing k.control values ( from 0.8 to around 1.2) with almost zero knock count or audible knock, even after adding 3 gallons of E85 to 12 gallons of 93 octane.this happens around 3200rpm with very little timing of 2-3 degrees total and even down to 0 degrees! , 11.5-12 afr, 5.5 PSI, and at part throttle, NGK heat range 9 plugs.

1- Is there anyway to access knock sensitivity tables for this platform? the increasing K.control kills the timing everywhere as far as I can tell.
2- I have noticed that K.control will only lower when in high cam and close to 0 vacuum but not in low cam at all, is that right?
3- I have noticed that most of my knock counts actually happens when I lift off the throttle abruptly in boost , as far as I can tell knock count is more of an indication of misfires than an actual knock sensor event! please correct me if I'm wrong..

from my logs K.control and K.count seems unrelated, I have logs with K.count increasing and K.control decreasing at the same time and vice versa!
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Re: 08 turbo Knock control

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You're correct in assuming that K.Count and K.Control are different systems within the ECU. What you have access to currently is what you can use to tune the platform.
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