2005 Element manual immobilizer issue

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2005 Element manual immobilizer issue

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I have a 2005 element that is will not start after parking it for a few weeks. It has a green flashing key immobilizer and just cranks. Honda has already replaced the immobilizer ring as well as the ecu with a known good unit. and still nothing.
They have also said it is not communicating with the scanner even though all the wiring pinouts ohm out. Can I purchase your software or immobilizer bypass to get this thing to start? or do you have any other recommendations.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: 2005 Element manual immobilizer issue

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You may want to contact HAMotorsports.com or Xenocron.com about getting your factory ECU flashed or a replacement ECU with a flash that has immobilizer disabled. That's if everything with the ECU wiring end is still functional.
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