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04 K24a2 (TSX) into '01 Insight

Postby MakitaDiesel » Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:42 pm

Trying to sort my path for wiring/ECU, I know I have two options ('04 K24a2/'06 Accord 5 speed trans + '01 Insight):

Drive by wire: Stock engine, stock TSX manual engine harness, stock TSX ECU with KTuner (not sure which product), conversion harness to mate dash harness, additional wiring/pedal to add DBW relay and module.

Cable throttle body: Stock engine, 03-05 Accord TB, RSX Type S harness, KTuner compatible ECU + KTuner (not sure which product), conversion harness to mate dash harness.

Do both of those look accurate to you? The goal is to load a basemap then have the ECU tele tuned using logged WOT pulls and reflashes until the tables are solid and no CELs in closed loop. No turbo, no real time logging, just save and load. My question is what would you suggest as the best combo (cost-effective) to achieve that outcome? I'd need a functioning OBDII port as well, which I assume would be on the conversion harness.

Thanks, Mak
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Re: 04 K24a2 (TSX) into '01 Insight

Postby KTuner » Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:54 pm

As outlined on the 04-06 TSX page, the stock TSX ECU can't be used for this. You'd need a KTuner prepped ECU and KTunerECU unit in either case.

Drive by cable might be easier overall.

You should not pass emissions with an aftermarket ECU solution.
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