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So, the speed governor, 120mph(some say its 128mph), on this car stays in-place after tuning, even after loading your pre-made tune for the car.

Also, from my understanding(by reading other comments for other cars on this form), one aspect of the "two-step" limiter determines the rpm where the engine will cut when revving in neutral. I'm aware that's not the primary function of the two-step limiter. And to not be confused with the term "two-stepping" used in drag racing. In the Factory base tune for this car, the two-step limit is set @ 5000 and the restart is set @ 4800 rpms. This setting was not touched in the pre-made tune, "Tune1", that you made. The car will not rev to 5000rpms in Park/Neutral nor any higher if you change the setting.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm by no means an expert at tuning, but it appears that these settings, Speed governor and two-step limiter, do not function within the KTuner software. Again, I'm coming to this conclusion with using your tune, not altered at all by anyone.
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Re: Limiter/Governor

Postby KTuner » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:45 pm

The governor is fully removed on this platform if you've flashed since the update where it was removed.

The two step limiter is meant for MT, as AT has it's own set of controls for this. You didn't mention what you're being limited to, so I can't assist you further.
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