Ktuner PLZ help! '07 S2k ECU recovery

Re: Ktuner PLZ help! '07 S2k ECU recovery

Postby oja » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:13 pm

Just out of curiosity. If it was cleared, would it had erased, flashed to 100%, finalize and then say flash fail?

Cause I had tried a million different things including powering everything off. Restarting computer and just plugging the touch in, and it didnt upload or correct itself until I reinstalled everything. It just acted the same. It would connect alone with just comp and touch, but once in tandem with obd. The program would just freak out and not connect at all. Then I would have to un hook, power down.... connect touch from everything, the next option was just plugging the touch to obd and it would just keep running recovery flash with fail at the end. I tried "returning to factory" of course with just the touch hooked to comp because (with obd) everything would just ghost on tuning. So all in all I don't really think there is anything to re upload that stuff to the touch without doing what I did. I think that's about it. Hope it gets better. I know the S2k is only a small application for you guys looking at everything else but hope this keeps getting some attention. Maybe it's the touch firmware?

So if the recovery files on the touch did get corrupt. And I cleared "tunes" on touch how am I supposed to re upload everything, like I said the touch and comp wouldn't do any of this till I uninstalled everything. I might have been freaking out and cleared tunes from touch. So the recovery probably was never "corrupt" I figured the flash got a voltage spike of some sort during but still like I said when I went an got comp. I tried numerous different ways.
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Re: Ktuner PLZ help! '07 S2k ECU recovery

Postby KTuner » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:54 am

If you clear tunes you connect the touch to the KTuner software and it would say the unit needs to be setup and then setup the factory default tune again before you could do anything else.

It has nothing to do with S2000. It works the same on all platforms for all users.
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