Weird stutter after vtec engages then below vtec engagement

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Re: Weird stutter after vtec engages then below vtec engagem

Postby TheOhKcivic » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:30 pm

My question is how would testing that ecu in another fully functional vehicle cause it to do the exact same thing on both cars even after I swapped ecus back.

Literally drove the test car around to make sure there were no issues put in other ecu and instant problems switch ecus back and problem persists.

You said to start with tps and map but how do suggest I start with them
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Re: Weird stutter after vtec engages then below vtec engagem

Postby KTuner » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:36 pm

You admitted you're using the wrong O2 sensor, perhaps that's your issue. Your fuel trims are all over the place. You need proper tuning with a properly completed setup that has the right parts.

If a sensor was damaged it would give false readings at all times or not function at all.

A K20Z1 ECU and K20Z3 ECU can't be used on the same harness, so unfortunately I can't understand or help you with that issue. A K20Z3 is drive by wire. RSX is drive by cable. If you're talking about some other RSX or aftermarket ECU then that's not the Z3 ECU. If you're swapping from 02-04 and 05-06 ECUs the O2 sensor needs to change with it.

TPS went to 0 and MAP went to 158 at a point your tuner suggested was a stutter. Only you know whether or not you let off the throttle at that point. If you didn't then the TPS and MAP signals were lost. Check your sensors and wiring.

Beyond those suggestions this is not something we can help you diagnose.
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