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Ktuner Problem

Postby johntimber » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:59 am


I am now on the progress of a tune with Vittuned and I purchased a Ktuner V2 for this purpose. On the way of the calibration progress, Vittuned informed me about that I am not flashing the calibrations they've sent to me properly since we really do not see a boost any more than 7psi. What I do is, I use the open tune option on Ktuner software, select the calibration file they sent to me and then use the upload base code option to upload the calibration onto the unit, then I go to the car and flash it. Can you please help me about what I am doing wrong?

Please help.

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Re: Ktuner Problem

Postby KTuner » Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:22 pm

If you uploaded the tune to a tuning slot on the unit and flashed that tuning slot in to the ECU then you have flashed it into the ECU.
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