Locking To/Unlocking From An ECU

Upon connecting to an ECU with an unregistered KTuner unit you will be asked to add the unit to the system. You must be on the internet to register the unit and also lock the unit to the ECU. Once you’ve registered the KTuner unit it will then prompt you to lock to the ECU. Please read the information carefully before you agree and proceed.
This can be unlocked in the event you are going to sell your KTuner unit by reverting to stock and going through the unlock process. Once you choose Return To Factory from the Tuning menu you will be able to choose Unlock Unit From ECU. The internet is required to unlock.
Verifying It's Unlocked
You can check if your unit is locked and provide a buyer with an image of this by going to Reflash Info in the Tools menu and referring to the KTuner Units tab.