KTunerFlash V2 LED Setup

KTunerFlash V2 LED Setup


1. LED
Click on an LED to view and set all of the LED settings. Right click an LED to copy it to another.

Help Text

2. Help Text
You'll find useful help text here as you browse through the software.

LED Set Selection

3. LED Set Selection
The V2 includes two programmable sets of LEDs. Select between the active set with these buttons.

Type Selection

4. Type Selection
This allows you to choose the type of value associated with the LED. i.e. RPM

Warning Selection

5. Warning Selection
This allows you to choose whether the warning is disabled, active above, or below the set warning threshold.

Load and Save LED Sets

6. Load and Save LED Sets
This allows you to load from the provided LED templates or save and load your own custom designs.

Start Value

7. Start Value
This is the value where the LED will first light up. You can choose the intensity and color for this.

Start Intensity

8. Start Intensity
The starting intensity for the LED. This is 0-100 and depicts the brightness of the LED.

Start Color

9. Start Color
This is the starting color for the LED. It's best to use the advanced picker and use colors that are direct. For instance Red being RGB 255, 0, 0. This color will blend into the end color via interpolation.

End Value

10. End Value
This is the last value where change is seen. For instance set to RPM starting at 1000 intensity 0 and ending at 2000 intensity 100 will get brighter as the RPM increases between 1000 and 2000. It will stay at intensity 100 after 2000 until the warning or cutoff values take over.

End Intensity

11. End Intensity
The ending intensity for the LED. This is 0-100 and depicts the brightness of the LED.

End Color

12. End Color
This is the color that the LED finishes on based on your value settings. The warning and cutoff can override this setting.

Warning Value

13. Warning Value
If enabled this is the value that the warning engages. Warnings cause the LED to blink in the color and intensity you set.

Warning Color

14. Warning Color
This is the color the LED will show while warnings are active.

Warning Intensity

15. Warning Intensity
The intensity of the LED during the warning cycle. This is a 0-100 value.

Cutoff Value

16. Cutoff Value
This is the value in which the LED is to be turned off completely. This can be used to have an LED only on for a certain range or only warn during a certain range if you're creating a blended sweep across the LEDs.