Flex Fuel Converter

Our Flex Fuel Converter is used on KTunerFlash applications to convert an ethanol sensor signal into a voltage signal that the ECU can use for Flex Fuel Support. Our converter can be used with a DIY kit or an integrated kit available through dealers.
If corrossion is a worry where you live please mount in a location that's protected.
The pinouts are labeled on the unit and it comes with the pigtail shown, if purchased as a standalone piece.
Black - GND is Ground
Red - PWR is Power (+12v switched ignition source)
White - INPUT is the input from the ethanol sensor
Yellow - VOUT1 is the voltage output that represents ethanol content. The range is .5v for 0% and 4.5v for 100%. This is the signal wire that would run to the labeled ECU input used for flex fuel.