Designing A Layout

Designing A Layout
The KTuner software has a tab based layout which can be configured to the layout you desire. You can even have multiple tables on one single tab.
Adding additional tabs is easy, too.
Each additional tab you add can have it's own set of gauges, lights, and tuning tools setup anywhere you like on the screen.
Even further than that you can add items directly to parameter tabs as well, so you have quick access to the sensor data you need to make your adjustments.
Once you have your layout designed you can datalog by simply connecting. The gauges, tables, and other data items will be updated in real-time.

Analog Gauge

1. Analog Gauge
Analog Gauges can be added for most major sensors. These can be resized by holding shift while dragging.


2. Light
Lights can be added to show the status of inputs, outputs, and special features. They will light up when the set item is active and dull when inactive.

Digital Gauge

3. Digital Gauge
Digital Gauges can be added to view most sensor data.

Data List

4. Data List
A Data List can be added to view all major sensor data. Click and drag to move or shift-click and drag to resize.

Tuning Map

5. Tuning Map
A Tuning Map can be added to allow altering of fuel, ignition, and other maps. This features map tracing, lambda overlay, and other options. You can also resize by holding shift while dragging in any of the top or bottom corners. The 2D/3D section can also be resized using the line of dots you see in between the table and 2D in the image above.

Scatter Plot

6. Scatter Plot
Scatter Plots are used to overlay two data types against each other to find trends and patterns.


7. Graph
A Graph can be added to view overlays of the sensor data from a recorded data. Move and resize (Shift-click-drag) using the top area. You can scrub through a datalog by dragging. This will also allow you to trim the datalog, zoom via the toolbar, and add comments by double clicking. You can add as many items as you want.

Live Graph

8. Live Graph
A Live Graph can be added to see the last 10 seconds of data overlayed as a moving graph. You can add as many items as you want. Move and resize (Shift-click-drag) using the top area.