Boost By Gear Limits

Boost By Gear comes enabled on all Starter and end user editable tuning maps. Boost By Gear can be used to prevent traction loss in lower gears, help prevent extra stress on CVT applications, and make for much smoother transitioning from gear to gear.
Below is an example table setup and information.
Boost By Gear Limits

Boost By Gear Limits

1. Boost By Gear Limits
Boost By Gear Limits much be chosen in the Tuning Map list in order to begin editing this feature.

Gear Selection

2. Gear Selection
This popup menu indicates the currently selected gear you are editing.

Boost Target Limit Table

3. Boost Target Limit Table
The Boost By Gear Target Limit Tables are based on RPM (Left) and Atmospheric Pressure (Top).
These tables can be used to limit the boost targets for the gear currently chosen in the gear selection table. In this example we are ramping up to a 15PSI limit for first gear at 3000 RPM and above for a vehicle in a location with an atsmopheric pressure around sea level.