Advanced VSA Control Strategy

Advanced VSA Control Strategy
Advanced VSA Control allows you to balance between the factory throttle pullback and ignition pullback during traction loss.
With quick acting ignition pullback the throttle pullback through the VSA system is much less aggressive and will keep you on the edge of traction without dropping boost pressure or hard hitting throttle drops.
If you need to quickly disable this feature in the event you get a TPMS light telling you that your tires are not evenly pressured or you have to run on a spare tire, enabling Cruise Main will disable Advanced VSA Control.
You must enable the Advanced VSA option under Quick Enables in order for these settings to be used. Otherwise standard VSA operation remains.
VSA Button:
The VSA button still has some adjustment to how aggressive the ECU pulls throttle back. In normal operation the ECU will more aggressively pull throttle. With the standard disable the ECU will dampen the throttle pullback. With the "pedal dance" full VSA disable the ECU will not pull back throttle, but Advanced VSA will still do its job controlling ignition.
Advanced VSA Example:
From the factory the VSA system intervenes with mostly throttle pullback during a slip event. As pictured below when traction breaks loose the ECU overcompensates by pulling throttle to regain traction. The green line represents throttle command, which you can see is being aggressively pulled back during wheel slip.
With Advanced VSA Enabled, set to Aggressive Ignition Pullback/Light Throttle Pullback, you can see in the below graph that RPM and VSS have little bumps where traction is on the edge of breaking. Using the more aggressive ignition pullback settings the ECU's VSA system is able to keep traction and maintain power to the ground during the run. In this example there was no throttle intervention at all, but you may see a few percent pulled back to maintain the edge of traction during the pull.